There are currently 7 different Structured Water units available.

The House Unit will cover the whole family dwelling indoors and out (up to 300 linear feet of pipe) and can be ordered for ½”, ¾” 1?, and 1 1/4? pipe. All units are bi-directional and can be mounted in any position (vertically or horizontally). All house units currently retail for $999. More information is available on our Product Page.

The Under Sink Structured Water Unit comes with 2 flex hose connectors for installation under the sink. The basic unit is 8 ½ inches (with connector 10 ½ inches). It is bi directional and can be mounted in any direction and retails for $349. This unit is shorter because it doesn’t have to deal with the restrictive conditions of a whole house.

The Garden Unit is equipped with garden hose connectors for gardens, motor homes, and portable uses, and is the same size as the Under Sink Unit and currently retails
for $349.

The Shower Unit is the smallest of all the units with a basic length of 6 ½ inches (with connector 7 inches). It retails for $249 and is shorter again because it is at the point of contact with your body providing instant hydration. If the shower outlet is too low, a 10 inch riser should be available at a local hardware store. This unit is the most popular as you can get full instant hydration with your shower and fill your water bottles too.

The Commercial Unit is designed for a 1-1/2 inch or 2 inch in/out water line with at least 50 pounds per square inch pressure + is required. Its basic unit length is 13 ½ inches (20 inches with connectors). It retails for $1499.

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