The Meridian Energy Structured Water Unit draws life force energy directly out of the universe and concentrates it into the water so that it can fill your every cell with divine blueprint energy. Clayton Nolte, the inventor of the Meridian Energy Structured Water Unit, produced an amazing video that compares the bio-photon, or life-force energy, of three types of Water.

The secret for infusing water with Life intensity, lays in the incredible multi- vortex design of the harmonically balanced  Meridian Energy Structured Water flow chamber. The vortex is nature’s creative power house. Each vortex draws life-force energy directly out of the universe and concentrates it into the water molecules.

The vortex funnels our infinite abundance into our water for abundant living. The Meridian Energy Structured Water Unit floods your body with Life — every cell! They LOVE it!

This life can now gently and naturally begin to restructure you from within with its pure vibration, while you eat, drink and be merry. You don’t even have to change any habits. Install the unit and forget about it. There is nothing to replace – ever. No moving parts. Let the water lovingly do the work.

There was a day upon our land when we could drink from any source of water anywhere. That was when all that water knew, were the loving vibrations of nature itself; long before being continuously saturated with the out of balance destructive energies of today. When we do not re-naturalize our water and bio-energetically replace these toxic vibrations, they mess with our well being.

This life force abundance is you why you must have the Meridian Energy Structured Water Unit. Even if you treated your water with every known method, filtering, radiation, Reverse Osmosis, electrocution, etc. None of these restore the life sustaining quality or the beneficial structure of the water, and in fact often injures the water.

Tap water, barely sustains a lawn or a garden. Why do we think it can sustain us any better? Only Meridian Energy Structured Water restores water to its pristine condition. Scientific study has described Meridian Energy Structured Water quality as being VERY GOOD spring water with an abundance of Energy.

It’s OK to use physical water treatment. They do offer limited benefit. They remove physical contaminates. Just be sure to finish up with Meridian Energy Water, it removes the toxic vibrational contaminates left over from other treatment methods.

You now have a real choice!

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