The Ultimate unit will be a one inch in/out flow capable of 100 psi + if needed. We usually place a pressure regulator to approximately 50 psi on them for residential use.

There is no filter. It is the dynamic effect of the water itself that allows the removal of all materials heavier than water to be discharged along with about 1/8 to ¼ inch flow depending upon the contaminates in the water. There is no maintenance, no filter, no moving parts and no electricity for Ultimate units used on a well. The best place for this discharge on a well unit is to place it back down into the reservoir at the well head. This will facilitate the ground waters to become less contaminated.

For units that will be used in an environment with constant water pressure there needs to be an electronic control to detect water flow and simultaneously open a valve to allow for the discharge. The discharge from this unit can be used for many applications including irrigation of vegetation such as trees, shrubs or down the drain, which enhances drainage water or your septic tank.

These units are not available as of yet.

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