There are many more associates in this Structured Water journey now that embrace what I am about to write in response to your questions. It isn’t easy to phrase this answer when one has not had an ample experience of the adjustment that is already permeated within you but regardless it is time to place this truth of Nature up for discussion.

There exists a lot of extenuating circumstance in water’s world – our World. The unique advantage we have is manifesting all that we focus on. So I say to you, be aware of the thoughts you think and words you speak when in the presence of Structured Water and you are hydrated. What you focus on expands exponentially.

When water is in the structuring event so are all the materials and memories that are present in the water. Structure means organization. Since we can see the change and organization of calcium and feel the change on our skin and see the change in our plants and animals; why can we not believe this change in organization exists in all the other properties of the water when structuring occurs. We are all standing on the threshold of a new paradigm. It is our choice to step forward and Structured Water is there to aid us in our journey.

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