So what goes into your cells when you eat an apple? It’s the music, the vibrations of the minerals and vitamins. Everything physical goes out your elimination system. When water is structured, the memory of that which is detrimental to life, is erased and the good elements that enhance life are carried forward and made available at the cellular level. The thing to remember is ALL that passes through the Structured Water unit is changed at the molecular level. In this structuring event everything is organized and coherent.

When you get your Structured Water unit installed, you will have much more to add to this brief explanation. One of the first things you will notice of your surroundings is calcium buildup falls away and everything is sparkling clean, as it will also be within you. However we do have free choice, but I wonder about that too, because as the memory of past traumas within are erased, so are the scars and the limp.

So am I right? After your experience with Structured Water, you tell me. Remember also, there are many professed sources of Structured Water out there, but what I am offering through Natural Action Water is Natures perfect, balanced and energized water without moving parts, magnets, chemicals, salts or electronic enhancements. My simple Structured Water unit has a lifetime unconditional warranty.

And guess what? This is just the beginning. There is more to come. Everyone joining with me in bringing forth the Truth of Structured Water is investing, as a partner, in enhancing and enlivening the Truth of Nature, of which we are a significant part. It’s all a symbiotic relationship; fix one and then on to the next journey.

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