When water is in the first turn of the structuring event it is erasing all the memories of its interactive experience with humanity. When water structuring is in the bliss of freedom, it doesn’t regard, see, or feel the PVC that is promoting this new found experience of freedom. However, when Structured Water reaches the end of the structuring event it is armed with a full complement of attributes to fulfill its destiny. Structured waters destiny is to protect humanity, to the fullest extent within its field of influence, from all energies detrimental to life.

The first challenge it will face in its new found freedom is the brass fitting it finds upon its exit from the structuring unit. Brass is carcinogenic and Structured Waters immediate solution is to shield the future water upon exit from the unit from this hazard to life. The perspectives Structured Water has to face to fulfill its destiny are too numerous to go into at this time.

Structuring Water through metals such as steel or copper reduces the maximum potential of the structuring event. Structuring through glass? People can’t even handle plastic without breakage. My ultimate solution will be in a form of technology not yet available to surface dwellers but I know of it and we will implement it in time.

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