Introducing Dynamically Enhanced Biodynamic Structured Water Units

The new line of Dynamically Enhanced Biodynamic Structured Water units have a flow-form inside that is the same structure and size as the flow-form in the current units, but is made from a combination of proprietary materials that dynamically enhance the energy of each unit and create a static energy that exists even before the water flowing through the unit it structured.

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Whole House Structured Water Unit
Whole House Units

Here at Meridian Energies we are very excited to announce another dimension to our business; Meridian Energy Water, also known as Biodynamic Structured Water.

These Biodynamic Structured Water units and the water they produce actually assist with the healing process of all living things.

What is Biodynamic Structured Water?

Biodynamic Structured water is water in nature. If a gallon of water were poured into a mountain stream, at the top of the mountain and then collected at the bottom, the water will be structured. Biodynamic Structured water is free of memory and has a balanced pH.

The main contingent of Biodynamic Structured Water is life force energy found in the water molecule itself. The water molecule has the power, the individual mandate, to protect all living matter from adversarial effects and to generously provide properties that are, at once, cooperative and positive for that life.

The Way Structured Water Does That?

Biodynamic Structured Water units create a tuned environment where water is caused to flow in specific geometrical patterns. The flows and counter flows create an environment of dynamic shear and pressure differentials that turn water into a machine.

The system works without filters (although they can be used if the need arises), without chemicals or salts, without electricity, without magnets, and without any moving mechanical parts. It requires no maintenance. The working part of the system is water itself.

Nature does not clean the water as much as it allows the water to clean itself. So let water do the work. It is a machine of water that works at the molecular level to allow water to refresh and clean itself. It resembles more a musical instrument than a machine.

If we were a water molecule on the path through this device it would be an exhilarating roller coaster ride. We would come out refreshed and ready to perform our life-given roles.

This technology employs an innovative application and advanced understanding of the vortex phenomenon utilizing the dynamic characteristic of water itself to create a “Biodynamic Structured Water unit” that works at the molecular level. This “Biodynamic Structured Water unit” alters the molecular structure of the water activating and retaining the healthful benefits of minerals and characteristics.

Specially tuned geometry creates an energy environment for water to structure itself. This gives water a lower surface tension and better hydrating properties. This geometric technology breaks up large low energy water molecule clusters into smaller high energy clusters. This innovative technology eliminates negative energy patterns (sometimes called the memory of water) and redefines the water’s natural healthy energy pattern.

Biodynamic Structured Water allows us to imprint through the DNA and RNA the knowledge of its secret blue print and help one to become balanced in the universe. Adversarial, life effects are pulled to the inside of the water molecule and shielded from life itself.

Everything takes less water when it is structured, about 30 percent less water. In every home there are devices that constantly need tending and repairing. The Meridian Energy Water Unit needs to be purchased only once. It has no moving parts and it will never wear out. The water itself is the moving part; it is the machine. It is what brings the water back to that place of being free to do what it is meant to do, which is to make life absolutely perfect.

Meridian Energies is proud to be able to offer this product to all of its clients.

Inventor and Author Clayton Nolte Introduces Structured Water

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