In March 2012, a German scientific laboratory performed a Quality of Water Crystallization Analysis of the Meridian Energy Structured Water Unit. This type of test allows scientist to reach conclusions regarding the quality of life force in the purified water.

The purpose of the test results is to be a guide to aid decision making when selecting the most suitable water treatment device . Treating Water with the Meridian Energy Structured Water Unit extensively restructures the water and significantly improves the quality to a level that is normally found only in high-quality spring water. This demonstrates a very clear advantage for the consumer when using this device.

Consumers of the Meridian Energy Structured Water Unit showed a more stimulated and vitalized metabolism. The Structured Water Unit create water equal to high quality Spring Water. The Structured Water Unit is able to re-structure and renaturalize the water, neutralize negative effects, neutralize toxins, and obtain a high natural quality with increased bio availability of nutrients, minerals and energy. Consumers of this water showed a stimulated and vitalized metabolism.

This finding supports that people, animals and plants on structured water can experience a better quality of health. The high technical quality of the water makes it a great choice for any equipment or water systems. Calcification and mineral depositing are reduced to a minimum.

These are incredible facts.

When we observe how nature purifies and energizes water and then design tools in harmony with nature we can live an abundant, fearless, healthy life.

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